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Healing Grace The Podcast with Candace Dalton

Feb 25, 2019

Candace speaks to a mom of 3, from North Carolina and has a beautiful son named Logan.  Logan passed away at the age of 4 and his mom Kriszti is a powerhouse, a lighthouse and a mother f*ckin earth angel. Get your tissues ready and also be ready to smile. 


Feb 19, 2019

My sister from the same mister and momma is here to talk about what it was like growing up with a sister who is a Medium and had panic attacks every other night about dying (funny now)!  We talk about crazy signs and experiences we've had with spirit and even imaginary friends! Not only that but you guys have to...

Feb 15, 2019

Welcome BACK to Season 2 of Healing Grace The Podcast!  My intro says I am 28 but I'm now 29, fix that later.  If this is your first time here, HI! I'm Candace. I'm a Medium and I can talk to the dead.  Subscribe to my podcast.